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Imagine looking for marriage guidance in a country where polygamy or arranged marriage were the norm, and the only books on Christian marriage came from America or Britain. Supposing you were a genocide survivor or faced persecution for your faith. Where would you find books or magazines that addressed these issues? Maybe you felt called to write something for your local church but have no idea how to set about it. Who will help?

Media Associates International exists to encourage and train writers, editors and fledgling publishers in these ‘hard places’ of the world. At their Writers’ Workshop in Thailand, for instance, they worked with 50 Asian writers from 14 different nations. Timothy, an isolated writer from Mongolia wrote afterwards: ‘I was very discouraged … and felt weak as a short story writer. This was an answer to my prayer, encouraging me to write more and to write confidently.’


At ACW we want to help our fellow writers who work in such difficult situations, and so we encourage members to give to our Overseas Fund. Then we are able to channel small amounts of money through MAI so that together we can use the written word to change lives.

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