Association of
Christian Writers

Association of
Christian Writers

We as an association are looking forward to the next phase of ACW.  The organisation that began nearly 50 years ago with a group of writerly friends is constantly developing.  We run at least three writers’ days a year, deliver workshops at the Christian Resources Together retreat, and have advisors offering services to writers at a very reasonable cost.

In addition to our excellent quarterly magazine we created and published a Lent book and Christmas Anthology with contributions from members. A wide range of our other activities can be found by browsing the website. In addition, we run competitions, have an award-winning blog plus support overseas writers.

Our affiliated writers’ groups offer more local support and exciting places to try new writing. An annual retreat, run by our President, Adrian Plass, is always over-subscribed. With over 700 members, and growing, we seek to encourage, inspire and equip Christians in the ever-changing culture of the UK.

The Association of Christian Writers is a dynamic and forward-looking organisation, which seeks every opportunity to support writers both in the UK and Overseas. Please take time to peruse the site and should you wish to find out more you can do so in the membership area.


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Samples of ACW Members Books

A sample of  writing by ACW members. These come from either published books, soon to be published books, or works in progress. You can find out more at the Members Showcase  

Wendy H. Jones from her novel Killer's Cut

Despite the green-eyed man driving the old Mercedes Benz carefully up the steep mountain road, the human leg still rattled around in the boot. Only the light of a low-slung moon, almost dazzling in its brilliance, lighted his way. The narrow road wound through rocky, gorse covered terrain, known only to the spirits of the night. This was a barren, God forsaken wilderness. The sound of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata accompanied the occupant of the car. It was a soothing backdrop completely at odds with the macabre purpose of this trip.

Paul Alkazraji from his book The Silencer

Jude Kilburn looked back over his shoulder. The narrow road behind was empty. He sat at the rear of a taxi van gripping the seat in front to steady himself as they bounced and climbed. A man-sized dummy like a Guy Fawkes doll flashed by hung by its neck from the roof of a half-built house. He knew it was a common practice thought to ward off evil in Albania, but it was as if on the edge of his own spirit he felt the passing of a shadow with it.

Kathleen Watson from her book The Little House in Heaven

#Melissa Green lived with her mother in a big brown brick house with a grey slate roof, up the top of a hilly street. They only lived in the middle part of the house, up a wide white wooden staircase.  Opposite their front door on the landing, was another white door that was always shut. It was just part of the house, like the white pineapple knobs on the banisters. One day Melissa saw that the other door was open, and she glimpsed a little flight of white stairs beyond it. Where could those other stairs go? she wondered.


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