Paranormal Warwickshire by SC Skillman

Warwickshire is a county steeped in the supernatural, as befits the county of Shakespeare and the many ghosts and spirits he conjured up in his works. In this book, author SC Skillman investigates the rich supernatural heritage of this county at the heart of England in places both grand and everyday, such as Guy’s Cliffe House, Warwick Castle, Kenilworth Castle, Stoneleigh Abbey and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, as well as several locations in the towns of Leamington Spa, Rugby and Nuneaton.
Published by Amberley Publishing on 15th November 2020.

The Crown and the Robe by Sophia Anyanwu


The Crown is a historical fiction written in memory of a students’ riot that actually took place in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, in 1987. The Crown portrays the story of two major characters, the principal and a teacher, who try to do their assigned roles to the best of their ability, but despite their struggles and successes, they will realize that certain responsibilities such as theirs can be full of trouble and danger.

A Second Christmas Truce? Christmas on the Western Front, 1915 by Karen Ette

Christmas 1914 was not the only documented suspension of hostilities during the First World War – another cessation followed in December 1915, but it is far less known. Is the second truce fact or fabrication?

Being Lena Levi by Bobbie Ann Cole

“Life can never be the same now she knows she’s somebody else”
Shortlisted for Eyeland Book Award 2019

Death in the Severn by Fen Flack and Burlish Park

(‘Burlish Park’ is the pen name of 56 Year 5 pupils at a local primary school.)
The Anglo-Saxon folk at Wribbenhall in North Worcestershire are horrified to find the fish in the river are dying. Can Matthew and his new friend Osgot solve the mystery? Or will there be more deaths before a solution emerges?
Jenny Shaw, author and former Primary School Teacher, writes “I very much enjoyed reading this book. Fen has completed an unusual task by weaving the words of Year 5 students in with her own to create an exciting story which will appeal to all ages.” 

Pilate’s Daughter by Fiona Veitch Smith

The daughter of Pontius Pilate falls in love with the Jewish Zealot sent to kill her. An historical romance

Don't Be Late in the Morning by Karen Ette

The first, and only, novel about Leicestershire in the Great War, Don’t Be Late in the Morning is written from original, unpublished letters and diaries, filling a lacuna in British Great War fiction.

Aquila by Vince Rockston

When young Silvanus meets the bizarre old hermit Cerbonius, he begins to question everything he knows. Are his ambitions far too small?

Single Act by Peculiar Medinus

…A thought to the man who has narrowed a woman’s destiny to her body. One encounter with a Prince shattered the destiny of a Princess. Was the daughter of Jacob disowned in disguise?


A story of love and commitment set against the farming background of nineteenth century New Zealand. It follows Eliza’s journey from her home in Scotland to Wellington, New Zealand as one of the first early pioneers.

The Senator's Darkest Days by Joan Histon

In 40AD Senator Vivius Marcianus is forced to travel to Jerusalem by the Emperor Caligula, to investigate the delay in erecting his statue in the temple. But when Vivius is wounded and imprisoned for murder, it is left to his drunken and unreliable brother-in-law to rescue his heavily pregnant sister and her children from repercussions, and set about proving Vivius’s innocence.
‘The Senator’s Darkest Days’ is a thrilling sequel to ‘The Senator’s Assignment’.

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