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The Piano Teacher by David Pennant

How the piano teacher’s performance of a Rachmaninov’s C Sharp Minor Prelude in an alien spaceship saves the universe from the invading machines.

The Garden of the Galaxy by David Pennant

George the policeman achieves his lifetime’s ambition of getting onto the earth’s surface, even if it is only for rehab at a retreat house in Antarctica.

The Kicking Tree by Trevor Stubbs

The Kicking Tree tells the story of two young people in their late teens, living in different parts of the universe, who meet each other through mysterious white gates that connect their different worlds. 

Ultimate Justice by Trevor Stubbs

Want to be free to expand your horizons – even beyond those you can imagine? “Ultimate Justice” continues the story of Jack and Jalli and their white gates adventures begun in “The Kicking Tree”.

Winds and Wonders by Trevor Stubbs

Winds and Wonders is the third book in the ‘White Gates Adventures’ series. Teenage Abby runs into trouble when she comes up against authoritarian forces in school, as well as in the churches she attends. 


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