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Day of Small Things

4 July  With Fran Hill

Don’t despise the day of small things (Zechariah 4 verse 10).
Fran’s talk and workshop will aim to demonstrate the value of small things and tiny successes.
We want to be writers but progress can seem maddeningly slow and our dreams and aspirations like so many pigs flying. But, all is not lost: Fran Hill’s talk and workshop will celebrate the value of tiny achievements and small successes as we develop the craft.

This event will not be running for the full time specified. There will be approximately one hour “live” in the morning, beginning at 10.00h, and one hour in the afternoon, beginning at 15.00h. We hope you will spend the time in between on writing exercises set during the morning – the speaker will guide these activities and give details on how to provide feedback.  This event is subsidised by ACW and is free to members. Details of how you may make a donation towards costs if you want to will be included in the email confirming your place. 

Please book me a place on 'Don't Despise the Day of Small Things' with Fran Hill on Saturday, 4 July.


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