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The Peace Garden

A young British girl befriends a South African political exile in the 1990s and is thrust into danger when his dark past catches up with him. A literary coming-of-age thriller.



The Art of Letting Go

The man Rosemary Blunt has every reason to hate has appeared again, only this time he’s lying in a coma and it is her decision whether to let him live or let him go. Will the arrival of abstract artist Ben help her to confront the ghosts of the past?

Raincoats and Sunglasses

In Glasgow’s autumnal sunshine Raincoats & Sunglasses are everywhere. Join Kirsty, Jennifer and Paul as their lives intertwine around faith and Raincoats & Sunglasses.

After the Funeral

When a stranger approaches Julia Butler at her mother’s funeral and hints at a disturbing family secret, her life is turned upside down.   Grief-stricken, Julia finds her well-ordered life unravelling and herrelationships in turmoil.  As the mystery around the stranger deepens, she must not only make peace with those around her, but with the ghosts from her past to find hope for the future.’

The Labyrinth Year

It’s 1997. The youngsters are married, with professional careers, they have two small children. The heat is on as a family crisis hits just when she’s due to give a scientific a paper at a conference. Has everything gone awry? Questioning cultural assumptions, maintaining fun, love and laughter.

Lydia's Song

Lydia’s quiet expat life in Cambodia is dramatically turned upside down by the sudden arrival of Song, a young & vulnerable Vietnamese girl, and the flattering romantic attentions of a handsome, dashing local man. Just as she settles into this new-found happiness, everything is shattered as Song is kidnapped and sold into the child sex trade.

Baby, Baby

First in the Mullins Family Saga: thoughtful, funny, exploring our diverse culture through the relationship between two young people who meet at University, doubt they can be together, and try to solve a medical mystery. Set in the late 1980s, the story asks questions about both Christian and secular lifestyles.


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