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Worth Our Weight in Gold
Golden trophy

Memed, Nurrohmad, Pixabay.

Design a Logo Competition

This competition is now closed.  Association of Christian Writers are now being invited to vote on three of the designs entered.  If you are an ACW member, check your email for eNews and vote for the design you would like to see in all our ACW Jubilee promotions.

Do you draw as well as write?  We happen to know that several of our members do.

In 2021 the Association of Christian Writers (originally the Fellowship of Christian Writers) will have been in existence for fifty years.  This will be our golden anniversary, which we have dubbed Worth Our Weight in Gold (WOW for short).  We shall be holding many exciting celebrations, starting in June 2021 and culminating in a big event in June 2022.  For our programmes and publicity material, we need a whacky logo, and we are inviting members to send in their design ideas. 

Designs should be sent to by Wednesday, 20 January 2021.  This competition is open to ACW members only and there is no entry fee.  Richard Lyall, a graphic designer, who is supporting us in this competition, will then select the most promising entries and ACW members will be invited to vote for the one they prefer.  Richard will then adapt the design you chose into a suitable format for use in print and online.

The logo design must display the WOW acronym as its focal element and contain no more than four colours, with the predominant colour being gold.  It must obviously be your own original work and not include elements not created by you.  For more precise specifications, see the Entry Requirements below.

Guidelines We asked Richard to provide some guidelines for drawing a logo.  These are below:

  • A logo must be simple, usually drawn as an outline or silhouette. It should work in black and white but can be submitted in colour (gold, in this case).
  • It should not attempt to communicate several ideas or concepts at once.
  • A logo is not the same as an illustration. A logo representing a family meal would not depict 4 people sitting round a table eating food, but, rather, extract key ideas and depict these in simple form – perhaps, 3 stick figures with a loaf of bread outline.
  • A logo does not usually have a background. It should work as a single layer.  There may be foreground and background elements – for instance, a bear with a simple mountain shape behind it, but shapes would be simple, well defined and not overlapping.
  • A logo does not include photographic material. 
  • A logo can be scanned or photographed with a camera phone.

Entry Requirements  Your design must

  • Be sent by email to the Webmaster at before midnight on Wednesday, 20 January 2021.
  • Display the WOW acronym as its focal element.
  • Contain no more than four colours, with the predominant colour being gold (because this is our ACW Golden Jubilee).
  • Be entirely your original work. Your design may be hand-drawn then scanned or created using graphics software.  The design should not include images (or elements from images) downloaded from the internet (for instance, from Pixabay, Flickr or any other so-called ‘copyright-free’ source), images which are available in software applications, screenshots, memes, clip art or word art.  We will not accept entries which contain photographs.
  • Be stored in .jpg or .png
  • Be no bigger than 2000px (width) and 2000px (height).
  • Have a file size of no bigger than 5mb.
  • Contain no identifying marks (such as your name).

Please also send, with your design, a COVER SHEET – a word processed document – which will contain your name, postal address, email address, telephone number and the file name of your design.

Judging will be carried out by ACW members, one vote per member.  The results of voting will be announced by end of February 2021.

The prize will be that the design will be attributed to the successful entrant (name and web address, if appropriate) in all our ACW Worth Our Weight in Gold Jubilee literature.

ACW Novel Writing Competition – Results

We had a fantastic 65 entries to the Novel Writing Competition.  We are very grateful to Tony Collins and Fay Sampson, our valiant judges, who initially selected a shortlist of 4 entries and requested as many more pages as were available, which meant reading several entire typescripts.

The winners are:

  1. Harriet and Emilie by Eleanor Watkins – prize £100
  2. Local Killer by Paul Trembling – prize £10 book token
  3. The Girl Who Got Out of Zannibar by Sophie Neville – prize £10 book token

Runner-up was A Question of Loyalty by Gillian Poucher.

In his comments, Tony Collins called Harriet and Emilie, “a rewarding read, empathetic and charming, with a sense of larger, darker events in the offing… The narrative feels character-driven, which I applaud. The plot has strong echoes of Downton Abbey, and indeed of many other period dramas, but is not the less for that… The faith element seems real, present but not intrusively so.”


ACW Flash Fiction Competition

Judging is now complete.   Congratulations to our winners:

  • 1st prize:  Veronica Bright – Beyond Imagining
  • 2nd prize: Ann Bulley – Mind the Gap
  • 3rd prize:  Jan Godfrey – Playtime.


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