Relinquishment by Penelope Wilcock

In order to say ‘yes’, we must learn to say ‘no’. Relinquishment is the way to get things done. It allows priorities to emerge. When we set stuff aside – status, possessions, our addiction to busyness and being right – we create opportunity. Relinquishment is the art of letting go. Relinquishment unbuttons the strait-jacket of pressure, and restores the richness of being alive. Relinquishment creates simplicity. By living as simply as possible, we can become a greater channel of blessing. By living with less we have space for what matters.

Preparing for Revival by Michael Angley Ogwuche

Revival is coming, but we need to be ready! Michael shows how a nal end-time revival is prophesied in Scripture, but also highlights the importance of being prepared for what God is about to do.This rallying call from a missionary to the West will increase your hunger to see God’s will done in your life, in your church and in your nation.

Cold Cups Of Tea And Hiding In The Loo by Annie Willmot

Parenthood is a privilege, a joy, and a challenge. With honesty, vulnerability and humour, Annie writes about her journey to figure out how to do faith as a parent and encourages other parents to start having honest conversations of their own.  Readers can dip in and out of this book when time allows, and there are opportunities to pause and reflect and to spend time with God.

Women Win Against All Odds by Wendy H Jones

Despite popular belief, even when it Rains, God Still Reigns. Every Vision, Every Dream, Every Purpose, and Every Promise Given by God Shall come to pass. Journey with 17 POWERHOUSE women from around the Globe as they lovingly share wisdom, insight, and the precise Keys You Need to Succeed in Any Season!

Equality is Biblical by Penelope Wilcock

Women have proved their equality with men in leadership, scholarship and exercising spiritual gifts, but traditional interpretations of Scripture mean that leadership is still viewed by many as the preserve of men. Penelope Wilcock argues that Christ’s new and living way leads us out of all forms of dominance and subjugation, including imprisonment within gender roles.

Face to Face

God longs for us to personally experience more of him, but so often we refuse or feel unable to draw close. Whether you feel distant from God or want to deepen your relationship with Him, Face to Face will help you to experience God in a new and powerful way.

The Essential Guide to Autism

A starting point for young parents, teachers, or support workers.  Chapters cover early signs, diagnosis, interventions, effect on the family and support.

Looking for Love

For much of her teenage life Joanne was desperate for a boyfriend and searching for love. She scared away the exact same men she wanted to attract and no matter how hard she tried couldn’t manipulate her perfect relationship into existence. That is when God intervened. 

Taking Off the Mask by Claire Musters

Daring to be the person God created you to be Claire Musters shares honestly about how a particularly painful period in her own life started her on a journey towards embracing authenticity, and what God has taught her about cultivating it in our own individual lives and within our churches.

Pray Without Straying by Peculiar Medinus

Prayers from the word that catches God’s attention for quick answers. Unlocking negatively closed doors, reversing hopeless situations, trashing long-standing problems and restoring the blessings lost to sin, satan and ignorance.

The Female Preacher by Peculiar Medinus

Celebrates past achievements and nobility of women in bible days, and our time, and also provides an in-depth exposition of the challenges and barriers that afflict the feminine gender all over the world.  Offers solutions and great hope through biblical reflections.

Never Get Hurt by Peculiar Medinus

Recognises degrees of hurt and the associated rollercoaster of painful emotions. Poignant stories of those who escaped the quagmire of hurt to paint a vivid picture of the effects of protracted pain and also the hope of freedom.

Lady Battle Axe by Peculiar Medinus

For women experiencing seemingly endless violence. Equipped with biblical examples of male and female heroes, who defeated destiny threatening challenges.

The Quickest Way to Overcome Stress by Peculiar Medinus

Stress resolutions create a positive impact and influence in your life, but there is a greater weapon to defeat stress and all other negative things affecting your life.

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