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Taking Off the Mask

Daring to be the person God created you to be Claire Musters shares honestly about how a particularly painful period in her own life started her on a journey towards embracing authenticity, and what God has taught her about cultivating it in our own individual lives and within our churches.

Face to Face

God longs for us to personally experience more of him, but so often we refuse or feel unable to draw close. Whether you feel distant from God or want to deepen your relationship with Him, Face to Face will help you to experience God in a new and powerful way.

The Essential Guide to Autism

A starting point for young parents, teachers, or support workers.  Chapters cover early signs, diagnosis, interventions, effect on the family and support.

Looking for Love

For much of her teenage life Joanne was desperate for a boyfriend and searching for love. She scared away the exact same men she wanted to attract and no matter how hard she tried couldn’t manipulate her perfect relationship into existence. That is when God intervened. 
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