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Deborah and Jael by Lucy Rycroft

A rhyming re-telling of this story of two strong Biblical women, for under 8s. £6.99

Why Can't I See God? by Joanne Gilchrist

Join Eve and Paul as they discover things in nature that are both real and invisible and how they can believe that God is also real and invisible. Join their friends – the Ox, Dove, Sheep, Eagle and Lion – as they open the Bible and read Hebrews 11:6 to learn what that verse means about faith and how they can pray to invisible God and ask for faith to believe God is real. Finally, use the ‘Your Turn’ pages at the back to talk to your child about God, pray a prayer and practice a memory verse.

Stories for Younger Generations by Sophia Anyanwu

Stories for Younger Generations is a collection of stories about children of different backgrounds, upbringing, and religion, which reflect the Nigerian culture, children upbringing, and the concept of discipline in education about forty years ago. There are also some short animal stories as they would be told to children in Nigeria during that era.

Caleb and the Incredible Counting Machine (Part 1 The Russians) by Justin Agnes

What would happen if there was a machine that could answer any question about how many things there were in the universe? Caleb is about to find out – and he is in for a lot more excitement than he expects! Part 1 – The Russians is the first of a two-part book and available on Amazon Kindle. The second book in the series, Caleb and the All-Seeing Glasses, will be available soon.

Three Reba and Katherine books by Gail Gritts

The antics of Reba and Katherine teach life lessons for little readers. Messy Hair Game and The Pony Cart are available in Spanish. Messy Hair Game is also available in Welsh with English subtitles, and each story has a matching colouring book.

Caleb and the All-Seeing Glasses (Part 1 The Storm) by Justin Agnes

Grandpa’s latest invention is a strange pair of goggles that show you where things are – very handy for finding lost keys and buried treasure. But no one is prepared for what will happen when they are transported back to occupied Jersey (Channel Islands) and the German army begins to see their real potential!

The Dagger’s Curse by Wendy H. Jones

An ancient Egyptian dagger. A hungry curse. A city under siege. In the dead of night the ancient dagger is stolen. As mysterious accidents, illness and death stalk them, Detective Duo, Fergus and Flora, follow clues that lead them into danger. Can they find the dagger and break the curse before it’s too late?

Joseph and the Rainbow Robe

Young Joseph learns that it’s not very kind to show off. A re-telling of the Bible story of Joseph for 3 –6 year olds, illustrated by Andy Catling. First of  a 7-part series

The Haunted Broch by Wendy H. Jones

A Scottish Broch. An archaeologist scorned. A ghost disturbed. The Detective Duo, Fergus and Flora, are spending their summer on an archaeological dig, searching for the Lost Broch. But someone—or something—seems set on sabotaging the project. Is the Lost Broch really under a curse?

David and the Hairy Beast

Young David has to face his fears to protect his father’s sheep. A re-telling of the childhood of King David for 3 – 6 year olds, illustrated by Amy Warmington. First of 6-part series.

Ava and Oliver's Bonfire Night Adventure

When Ava & Oliver are asked to make a guy for an upcoming Bonfire Night, they are excited. As Bonfire Night looms ever closer, the guy’s fate is sealed and the children find they are not looking forward to November 5th at all.


Ellen, William and Sam. Three very different young people, having to work together to deal with the arrival of the Black Death in their small village.


Ellen, William and Sam endeavour to restore their community in the aftermath of the Black Death.

PHILIP S DAVIES: Destiny's Rebel

Kat is about to turn 18 and be crowned Queen – the last thing she wants. She runs away but what she discovers about her
world forces her to reconsider her choices.

PHILIP S DAVIES: Destiny's Revenge

An epidemic is decimating Kat’s people. What will she give to save them?

ADRIANNE FITZPATRICK: Champion of the Chalet School

Set in Elinor Brent-Dyer’s Chalet
School world, _Champion_ tells the story of a school in turmoil and the efforts of small Betsy Lucy to bring order back into her world.


When Marya is stranded in the town after curfew and being hunted down by mercenaries, she must trust a voice that suddenly sounds in her head. Can she find a safe path back to the castle, unmask
the traitors and at the same time protect her unborn child?

KAREN ROSARIO INGERSLEV: In Search of Livi Starling

Despite her best efforts, Livi Starling will probably never make the history books. Her life is far too ordinary… unless you count her talent for animal noises, her inability to tell the truth, her insatiable desire for a mother, or the fact that her only friend is a painfully shy Jesus-Freak who collects banana stickers.


She may have said ‘a little prayer to Jesus,’ but Livi Starling really isn’t sure she’s cut out for the Christian life. For a start, she can’t stop lying. For another, she’s bitterly angry with her father and horrified when Ruby suggests she ought to forgive him. 


How can God possibly know what it’s like to be a teenage girl? Can Livi Starling truly trust him with all of her life? Even the really tricky bits like dating boys and dealing with nasty new girls and whether her mother is in Heaven?

KAREN ROSARIO INGERSLEV: The Flight of Livi Starling

Despite being a Christian for almost three years, Livi Starling is convinced she’s missing something. Surely the life of a radical believer ought to be a little less ordinary?

HILARY HAWKES - Twenty Nil and Other Disasters

Jason thinks his busy family don’t notice him. But then he discovers the importance of helping others. Written to encourage reluctant readers.

Celery Brown and the Girl Who isn't Frightened

Celery Brown is not the sort of girl who hides in her wardrobe dreaming of secret worlds. But then she meets Ivy. Ivy claims she’s been to heaven. Not just once but many times. Is she lying? Or crazy? Or could it possibly be true?

Jesus Feeds a Big Crowd by Dawn Brookes

A unique and orginal fictional account of a well lnown bible story. Jesus feeds a big crowd is narrated from the point of view of the boy who provided Jesus with the loaves and fishes that were used to feed the 5,000. Miracles of Jesus Series Book 1


Rachel Anderson is a typical 14 year old trying to work her way through high school. But when she’s asked some “What If?” questions her life begins to change.

HILARY HAWKES - Stories for Feelings for Children

Seven short stories that help children with feelings and emotions. Themes include anxiety, self-esteem, bullying, loss and being yourself.

Ava & Oliver's Christmas Nativity Adventure

Ava, Oliver and Buster the dog make new animal friends in this lovely Christmas story that children will enjoy again and again. Suitable for older children or as a bedtime story by parents or older siblings  for younger readers. 

Jesus Heals a Man on a Stretcher by Dawn Brookes

This book provides a credible and engaging back story to the traditional account of Jesus healing the lame man, by a description of events triggered by adolescent resentment and rebellion, which fits into a modern setting as well as a biblical one.

WENDY H. JONES - Bertie the Buffalo

Bertie, a baby water buffalo runs away from home becase he feels small. His many adventures teach him home is always the best place in the end. A rhyming picture book for 3-7 year olds

Danny The Caterpillar by Dawn Brookes

A wonderful, feel good story about nature, ideal for springtime but children will enjoy it throughout the year. Bright, vivid illustrations will captivate childrens attention and add to their enjoyment.

Gerry the One-Eared Cat by Dawn Brookes

This delightful story with and anti-bullying message demonstrates acceptance and diversity. Gerry is born to be different. He only has one ear. This book follows his struggles as he finds that the world can be tough if you look different. Black and white illustrations for ages 5-7. 

Suki Seal and the Plastic Ring by Dawn Brookes

What begins as a game, turns out to be anything but, when the ring attaches itself around her neck. Join Suki and her friend Billy in their struggle after finding plastic waste on the beach!
Suki’s best friend, Billy does everything he can to try to remove the ring but it just won’t budge. Will Suki survive as the ring grows ever tighter around her neck?


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