ACW Jubilee

Worth Our Weight in Gold


What’s happening when?

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Association of Christian Writers – originally called the Fellowship of Christian Writers – there is a year of good things to come.


Although we don’t know the exact date of the first ever meeting, we have evidence of FCW holding a committee meeting in October 1971. As we move into 2021 we will look back at the history that brought us to where we are today.

Do you have any memories of FCW/ACW from the past 50 years that you would be willing to share? It doesn’t matter how short, anecdotes are fine, pictures and memorabilia are also welcome. For a chance to have your recollections included in the spring edition of Christian Writer please send them to [email protected] before the end of December 2020. Or email Amy Robinson [email protected]

Logo WOW!

There will be publicity aplenty for the various events and publications. We are looking for a logo based on the celebration title Worth Our Weight in Gold. One ACW member will have their name mentioned every time we use the WOW logo – the designer! The logo will be chosen through a competition, free to enter for all ACW members. To find out how to submit your design visit  Entries by 20 January 2021.

A Christian Writer’s Guide

The Jubilee Compendium from the Association of Christian Writers

(working title!)

 To celebrate 50 years of ACW, we will be publishing a special book although its exact title has yet to be confirmed.  The plan is to launch the book on the same day as our Annual General Meeting in October 2021.

Our vision is for a Christian writers’ guide and a toolbelt for navigating the world of Christian publishing, at the same time celebrating the rich history of our organisation that has aimed to do exactly that.

We are looking for stories about writing as a Christian, especially those that feature ACW. Perhaps you met your publisher at an ACW event, or made friends that have become invaluable writing buddies? Perhaps your local group organised a writers’ day, or showed up to support a member’s book launch? Do you have an anecdote about a library visit that went wrong, or advice for new Christian writers that you would have found helpful, or an amazing story of how your first piece of writing came to be and how far it has travelled?

 If so, we want to hear from you! Your writing could be a part of the section of the book called ‘Journeys’, true stories to encourage and inspire fellow writers and readers.  Instant Apostle will be the publisher and distributor.

 Please send your finished essay (prose only, please) of between 1,000-1,500 words to [email protected] before 31 January 2021.


Celebrations will begin in earnest with a bumper summer edition of Christian Writer magazine. Deadline for submissions is 17 April 2021.


There is going to be a GOLD WRITING COMPETITION with a fabulous prize. More details to come in 2021.

Writers’ Days in Summer 2021

We hope there will be many events throughout the summer of 2021 to celebrate ACW and everything it stands for. These will be organised locally. Details can be published here on the website and in Christian Writer (in time for the deadline on 17 April, please) when we receive them from local group organisers.

AGM and Book Launch

In October 2021 we aim to launch our Jubilee Compendium at the AGM in London. As more details of the event are finalised we will pass them on. The book will be available to buy in time for Christmas 2021! 

Worth Our Weight in Gold – the weekend

If everything goes according to plan (I know, we make God laugh) the booking process for our grand finale event – a residential weekend to mark the end of the jubilee year – will open around the time of the AGM and book launch.

The event is provisionally planned for the weekend of 3 to 5 June 2022. Please note, it is not possible to reserve a place yet. Once we have the details agreed we will publicise it to all ACW members by every means at our disposal. Until then: save the dates.

It’s going to be an AMAZING year

Be part of it.


The Association of Christian Writers is a charity registered in England and Wales, no.1069839